12-Step Program to Quit Facebook for Good

How to beat the social media addiction 15 years in the making

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Step 1: Acceptance (4–6 weeks)

Step 2: Understand your social media needs (2–4 weeks)

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Step 3: Explore other social media networks (1–2 weeks)

Step 4: Start telling your Facebook network you’re leaving (1–6 weeks)

Step 5: Disconnecting Facebook from everything (3–4 weeks)

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Step 6: Save what you want to keep from Facebook (2–4 weeks)

Step 7: Decrease Facebook usage (1–2 weeks)

Step 8: Put safeguards in place to prevent another Facebook (1–2 weeks)

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Step 9: Delete Facebook App and bookmarks (1–2 days)

Step 10: Deactivate your Facebook account (1 day)

Step 11: Make sure Step 5 was properly completed (2–3weeks)

Step 12: Delete your Facebook account (30 days)

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